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Christina's Priorities

Proven Leadership, Progressive Values

The state is failing our public schools and our teachers. In Austin, Christina will fight to ensure every student has access to a quality education. This is why she’s called for:


  • Sustaining State funding of our schools

  • A full repeal of the “Robinhood” program currently draining school funding from inner-city schools

  • Raising pay for teachers and guaranteeing students school supplies at no cost

  • Banning the use of public tax dollars to fund private schools

  • Empowering teachers by reducing the importance placed on arbitrary, high-stakes tests

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Texas leads the nation in uninsured children. 4.3 million Texans – including over 800,000 children – can’t see a doctor. Even more are unable to purchase prohibitively expensive pharmaceuticals.

When uninsured Texans have no choice but to go to the Emergency Room, the cost will be many times more expensive and the health outcome will be worse.

Guaranteeing affordable healthcare to every citizen isn’t just a moral obligation, it’s smart policy. In the legislature, Christina will vote to protect and expand Medicaid, Medicare, and other health
care programs across the state


Our district is home to heavy industry - ranging from petrochemical refineries to concrete plants. 


Our district is also home to children, working class families, and retired folks.


Toxic waste, particulate matter, and chemical runoff all pose serious health hazards to the members of our community. We should promote industry growth - but it has to be done responsibly. In office, Christina will fight to enforce and expand current health and safety standards - ensuring that every corporation plays by the rules.



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